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Backup & Recovery with ALTARO

A virtual machine backup solution built specifically for small and medium sized businesses. Altaro works with both Hyper-V or VMware and offers fast backups, that need less storage, is easy to operate and fully managed via the cloud. 

Charlton Networks use the Altaro backup application to provide a backup and disaster recovery solution for our customers. We use Altaro web-based centralised management to check our customers backup each day. We also use Altaro to regularly restore customer data, to ensure customer data is fully encrypted and can be  managed from any location. Complex schedules, retention policies and other advanced settings are also configured, along with a full suite of reporting and alerts that enable Charlton Networks to provide a fully managed backup solution

Mostly importantly, Altaro means we can get our customers data or systems recovered in super quick time and that systems outrages are kept to a minimum.  Altaro can be purchased outright for your own IT department or provided as part of our managed services managed backup via a monthly subscription. Contact us for more details. 


Microsoft Azure provides business customers with the ability to automate off-site backup, with unlimited capacity, encryption, choice of geographical location and full integration in to the Altaro backup solution, all at cost-effective prices suite to SME business. 

The Azure ‘plug in’ for Altaro means that Charlton Networks can recover clients data or systems from this off-site storage location in the event of a local site disaster,such as a fire or other major incident. It also provides Charlton Networks customers’ with a cyber-recovery solution, where data can be recovered in the event that local data is encrypted via a ransomware attack. Contact us for more details. 


Managed Backup and Recovery protects against accidental loss of user data, database corruption, hardware failures, and even natural disasters. We remove the headache of managing and monitoring your own backups and make sure backups and restores are regularly tested and your DR plans can be implemented. 

Our managed backup solution can be provided as a ‘standadlone’ service at a very competitive cost or included within out flexible IT support packages. Contact us for more details. 


Disaster recovery planning looks to identify IT risks and potential mitigating actions by creating disaster recovery scenarios. All businesses should undertake this planning process, which may result in actions ranging from backup and test restores, through to full disaster recovery testing and business continuity planning that is fully documented. 

Our Disaster recovery plans include action plans covering the immediate responses to be taken and the actions your organisation will take. The disaster recovery plans are ‘living  documents’ that deal with a number of scenarios, which are continually updated and refined in the event of a serious incident, such as a cyber-attack. These Disaster Recovery solutions are designed specifically for SME companies and we’d be delighted to offer you an initial free consultation to discuss how we can help. 

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