Sophos Products

Sophos Intercept X


Sophos Intercept X stops never-before-seen ransomware and other attacks, making it the most advanced anti-ransomware technology available. Crypto Guard stops files from malicious encryption and reverts them without any interaction from users or IT support personnel.  Built to stop the widest range of attacks, it is considered the world’s most comprehensive next-generation endpoint protection solution.

Key Features:

  • End to End Endpoint Protection - offers an in-depth approach to endpoint protection, rather than relying on one technique it focuses on using foundational and modern techniques.
  • Deep learning network- detects both known and unknown malware without relying on signatures.
  • CryptoGuard - uses behviorial analysis to stop never before seen ransomware and prevent boot-record attacks.
  • Denies hackers- by blocking out the exploit techniques used to carry out attacks.


Sophos Server protection provides you with the highest level of security, providing a deep level of server protection that includes Intercept X, anti-malware and HIPS work to prevent content-based threats (such as an infected PDF or word document) that exploit vulnerabilities within whitelisted applications. Sophos Server protects against malicious attacks and leverages powerful tools to keep your servers safe including the ability to detect never-before-seen malware.

Key Features:

  • Protect against ransomware - uses advanced blocking techniques to prevent against ransomware.
  • Server lockdown- allows whitelisted applications to be blocked and a server lockdown created.
  • Root Cause Analysis - to see where it went and provides recommendations on what to do next.
Sophos Server Protection
Sophos Central


Manage everything from a single interface. Manage your Endpoints, web traffic, mobile devices, email filtering, device encryption, server and network security and end user cyber-awareness training.

Key Features:

  • All products- manage all your products from one platform, making everything easier to organise your security in one central platform.
  • Minimize threat - with one automated platform, comprised endpoints are isolated by the firewall, malicious software removed, saving your organisation time and money.
  • Log in - users are able to log in and view their security status, manage passwords and get custom notifications.


Manage the encryption of company data and comply with GDPR legislation by using Sophos SafeGuard the encrypts content as it’s created, is always on and allows secure collaboration across your business, Centrally managed via the cloud making it easier to control and apply encryption keys too.  

Key Features:

  • Security - able to open, share and edit files, ensuring that they are safe and secure.
  • Data loss - you can protect your data against theft, malware and accidental loss. With automatic encryption even if it's shared or uploaded to a cloud-based, file sharing system.
  • Secure collaboration - Create password protected files and offers two level encryption when users send files to external parties.
Sophos Encryption
Sophos Phish Threat


Phish threat helps reduce the risk of cyber attack by training your end users via simulated and automated attacks. By keeping your users updated on the latest threats and techniques, your business is safer online and phishing simulations take users through automated training and provide the business with comprehensive reporting. 

Key Features:

  • Educate - create simulated phishing campaigns which allows you to educate your end users and create a positive security awareness culture within your organisation.
  • Reporting - allows you to look at the overall health of your organisation.


Manage and secure company or personal mobile endpoints in one system to ensure a simpler management,conformity with company security policies and secure access to company data. Enable BYOD, apply consistent policies and take control of company data on mobile devices. Sophos Mobile comes with the best in class data protection and comprehensive security capabilities. 

Key Features:

  • Productivity - allowing users to work the way they want on any device, securely.
  • Simplicity and Value - easy to manage and configure, with a user based pricing to manage your endpoints affordably.
  • Secure containers - ensure that personal and company data remain separate. With control access to access to corporate emails, documents and content without managing the mobile device, protecting the users personal devices.
Sophos Mobile
Sophos XG Firewall


Sophos XG Firewall provides comprehensive next-generation firewall protection that exposes hidden risks, blocks unknown threats and automatically responds to incidents.  

Key Features:

  • Hidden Risks- you can view, suspicious traffic and threats to help you regain control of your network.
  • Isolate infected systems - with automatic threat response, you can identify and isolate compromised systems on your network and stop threats from spreading.


Sophos Endpoint Protection goes far beyond signature-based prevention of viruses and malware. Endpoint correlates suspicious behaviour and activity using real-time threat intelligence from SophosLabs, resulting in fewer infected computers and better protection against attacks and data breaches. 

Key features: 

  • Device Security - protecting a wide range of devices, including the management and control device connectivity and the applications they run.
  • Cyber Prevention - preventing cyber-attach through deep learning and HIPS that block PUAs and ensuring devices are fully patched and updated.
  • Cyber Detection- detecting and blocking cyber threats through behaviour analysis, unusual traffic pattern or behaviours and browsing activity .
  • Cyber Response - automatically removing viruses/malware, synchronised security heartbeat and root cause analysis .
Sophos Endpoint Protection