Current Offers

Free Office 365 Demo

Contact us now for a free demonstration of any of the Office 365 services, including;

  • How Microsoft Skype for Business helps colleagues and partners to securely communicate from any location.
  • How Microsoft Teams helps teams work together, securely share information and work more flexibly.
  • How Microsoft CRM 365 can run your business & track relationships, sales, marketing, orders and service delivery.
  • How Microsoft Azure can help build, manage and deploy your applications or store your data.

Try our free demonstration of hosted cloud telephony where you can discover..

  • How to plan your telecoms when ISDN services are ceased.
  • How cloud-based telephony can save your business money.
  • How VoIP telephone systems make moving desk, building or office easy.
  • How to avoid performance problems and quality when using VoIP.
  • How to remove a large lumpsum CapEx expenditure by moving to a hosted telephone solution.
  • How a ‘plug & play’ approach gets your team working smarter.
  • How having 1-number can win new sales by connecting you anywhere.
  • How to future proof your communications.

Free Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Review

Contact us now for a free review of any of your business continuity / disaster recovery stance,

  • How you are managing business risk in this area.
  • What business risks you are mitigating against.
  • What is your preparedness for a disaster.
  • Best practice advice and guidance.
  • A free external perspective without obligation.

Free Network Audit

Contact us now for a free network infrastructure review, including;

  • Audit of your PC hardware & software
  • Review of your connectivity & remote access
  • Assessment of your network security
  • Review of your virtual & physical servers
  • Assessment of your data storage
  • Review of cloud usage and integration

Free Telecoms Audit

Contact us now for a free telecoms review, including; 

  • Audit of your existing telecoms solution.
  • Review of your telecoms connectivity.
  • Assessment of your telecoms charges.
  • Guidance & advice on telecoms development.
  • Guidance on convergence of telecoms and computer systems.

Free Business Process Review

Contact us now for a free review of any of your business processes and your current use of IT,

  • Identifying your core business processes.
  • How your business uses IT to operate these processes.
  • Guidance on how system integration could benefit your business.
  • Guidance on how bespoke solutions could benefit your business.
  • Identifying what performance or efficiency improvements could be made.
  • A free external perspective without obligation.