Custom Fit IT


Tailored around your existing systems or built ‘from-the-ground-up’ our custom software solutions control and manage business processes and report on your business in real-time. Our custom bespoke software supports and enables, your business workflows/processes and enabling the efficient and effective controls and information flows between staff, teams or between business partners. We do this by:

  • Using the latest technologies
  • Software and frameworks
  • All specified, developed and managed through our own well-established business processes

Custom built applications don’t cost a fortune either and our structured and phased approach to development enables customers to spread the cost with structured payment plans.Contact us for further details.

Custom Software Solutions
System Integration


We can help you integrate and get your IT systems working together. This enables your CRM to speak to your accounts package or your monthly management report to extract data from your database, all with a single ‘click of a button’.  Our integration solutions enable the linking of separate and standalone systems. This includes:

  • Databases
  • Websites
  • CRM Systems
  • Data capture devices and much more can all be enabled to share and exchange data

We can link virtually any systems together, providing intuitive interfaces and consolidated management information in a single display or output. We do this by using the latest technologies, software and frameworks, all specified, developed and managed through our own well-established business processes. Contact us for further details.


Business reporting allows your business to establish a bespoke Performance Management System. We do this by taking key data from your disparate IT systems and creating an over-arching management system that provides a highly flexible application that lets you change and manipulate what you need to see. We take data from accounts systems, such as your :

  • Your P&L
  • Stock levels
  • Manufacturing database
  • Sales figures
  • Customer feedback from email campaigns
  • Spreadsheet data and other documents

We provide all this information in an easy to read, highly flexible application that lets you change what you see, when you need to and how it is presented. Contact us for further details.

Business Reporting


Your own bespoke private or hybrid cloud, designed and built to your needs; from hosting your hardware, integrating public and private clouds or building your own private cloud network. Secure, reliable and flexible cloud solutions – Your cloud how you want it.

These solutions allow your business users to get on and work! Enabling one-password, full integration and the ability to phase your migration to the cloud or choose how the cloud can benefit one-part of your business. For more information contact us.

Custom Web Applications


Secure intranet or extranet solutions that enable employees, partners or customers to share and exchange data in a secure and controlled environment from any device, anywhere. Web based applications can be on-premise or cloud-based, designed for mobile, tablet or other computer devices, solutions are bespoke and built to your specific needs.

We build these applications around your own bespoke specification and use the latest technologies, software and frameworks to build them. Contact us for further details.


Designing / planning and building secure bespoke networks is a core business service and is based upon best practice and backed by our many vendor certifications and competences. We work with you and your existing systems to develop a layered approach to network and infrastructure security. Our technology solutions include:

  • Firewalls
  • IPS
  • UTM
  • Content-filtering
  • Proxy servers
  • UTM
  • Encryption
  • Certificate servers
  • Anti-virus
  • Packet-level filtering
  • Zero-day protection and much much more
Secure Networks

Our security consultants design a layered approach to network and infrastructure security and our engineer team will install, commission and support a wider range of secure networks. Contact us for further details.