N-Virocycle Ltd

N Virocycle is one of our clients

About N-Virocycle

N-virocycle is a leading national liquid waste recycling company proving Total Recycling Solutions. Working with industrial companies, they offer simple but powerful recycling solutions to maximise recycling, reduce financial burden and environmental impact.

Established in 1997, N-virocycle have gone from strength to strength. Operating throughout the whole of England and Wales, they are recognised as one of the leading Total Recycle companies.

Their primary operation is the transport and recycling of non-hazards liquid products. They collect and recycle these into essential fertilisers for agricultural use.

Business Challenges

N-virocycle were wasting hours of administration time each day, manually putting together and distributing work schedules to their drivers. Driver routes and jobs were being constructed and manually emailed to their drivers which made it difficult to track drivers, update or amend schedules in real-time. With multiple drivers and multiple locations to visit each day, the existing business processes were hindering growth and efficiency. 

Key Outcomes

Bespoke Scheduling System

The bespoke scheduling system that we built for N-virocycle, allows them to track their fleet, schedule orders and update drivers in real-time. Having one system for processing, monitoring, tracking and communications has drastically increased efficiency and productivity. 

Bespoke Scheduling System

A complete scheduling solution to build and manage collection and delivery schedules. Multiple loads (jobs) can be allocated to drivers everyday and schedules are automatically emailed to drivers the evening before.

Powerful Live Schedule

The solution we built communicates directly with their driver tracking software through open API. By utilising a traffic light system approach they can see where their drivers are, where they are heading , estimated time of arrival, how many jobs have been completed.

Quick and Powerful Solution

This is a powerful and secure scheduler storing lots of personal and historical data. Even with hundreds of drivers, destinations, customers and historical job logs, it remains a highly functional, quick and responsive solution.

A Bespoke Scheduling system for N-virocycle by Charlton Networks, It Consultants. We transform businesses with IT.

Daily Scheduler

This bespoke scheduling system displays a daily schedule of drivers and the vehicles they are using. It displays the number of loads (collections) they need to make throughout the day. From here loads can be reordered, assigned to other drivers, or rescheduled. 

When schedules are amended drivers are automatically notified via email in real-time. Drivers can also log into their own dashboard to see their work schedules and update them if required.   

Daily driver and work scheduler for N-virocycle, bespoke system by Charlton Networks

Live View Driver Tracker

The system also includes a Live View dashboard which the team have projected at their head office. 

Every vehicle at N-Virocycle has been fitted with Veri Location tracking software. The solution we built communicates with the software via an open API. This allowed us to build a live view to display the statuses of all of the drivers. Utilising a traffic light system administrators and fleet managers can see driver locations in real time, whether drivers are stopped, have reached their destination, and how many collections and deliveries have been completed. 

Reporting and Administration

Administration and reporting is made simple with this bespoke scheduler. Reports can be generated for any date range to see when and how long specific loads took to complete, allowing the team to easily adjust times per load to manage customer expectations. 

Within the system, vehicles, customers, destinations and driver details can easily be amended. Once they are input into the system they can be easily assigned to jobs in the future. 

Reporting and Administration made simple with this bespoke scheduler by Charlton Networks

Key Achievements

This powerful scheduling system has been instrumental in N-Virocycle’s continued growth. We continue to provide ongoing IT support for N-virocycle and proactively support their bespoke system and IT networks. 

Waste Reduction

Before the implementation of our solution, N-Virocycle were relying on printing schedules. Because they are committed to reducing waste it was important to establish a reliable paperless solution. Now, they don't use paper at all to schedule orders.

Creation Business Asset

Bespoke systems increase the value of businesses. Because they are built specifically to address unique processes and business administration digital solutions become a highly value business asset, making the business ultimately more investable and commercially sound.


We continue to safeguard data integrity. We provide round the clock monitoring of systems and regularly manage backups to support their growing needs for data security and storage.

Reduced Admin by 90%

The administrative duties associated with scheduling work, and managing the drivers has been reduced by around 90%. All of this is now managed on the platform that is accessible by the whole team. Emails and work schedules are sent via email directly from the platform.

Roadmap to Future-proof

With us as IT Partners, N-Virocycle can be assured that their technology will always evolve and remain future proof. As the business grows, we'll always ensure that their technology strategy is aligned to future goals and objectives.