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Charlton Networks provide everything from a fixed location desktop computer, through to an iPAD / tablet or Smartphone. Any device, any location - Charlton Networks provide a secure and reliable system, enabling you to do business.

Office based systems include desktop and laptop computers from the main vendors such as HP, Toshiba, Sony and Samsung. These systems can be wired or wireless, with wireless LANs covering single or multiple transmitters configured in resilient / high availability mesh designs. Wireless controllers add further security and provide safe and secure guest access to your network / internet connection.

Mobile Computing covers anything outside the office environment, from public wireless access and smartphones through to iPhones and tablet computers. Dealing with the lack of bandwidth, security and potential theft of company data are all part of the solutions we bring to the table. Solutions can include device encryption, employee / device tracking, 2-factor authentication, secure remote access and many commercial and ruggedised devices.

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