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Service Overview

Our remote support and monitoring service Remote Assist gives business owners the confidence that their systems are proactively supported and that there is always help at the end of the phone for your IT issues and problems. 

Keeping your systems updated, patched and secure, along with the daily monitoring of backup and other key operational aspects of your IT system, leaves your business able to get on with your core business activities. 

Providing the essential ‘on-line’ IT Support for all users, working on any device, anywhere means real ‘peace-of-mind’ for your business. It also means ‘super-productivity’ that gets you working anywhere on the globe.


Being proactive is also another key feature, that covers your critical network devices and the backup of your system. Add to this the on-going critical update of your systems, means that outages become a thing of the past. 

Our standard cover provides a 10 hour working day from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday as standard, with extended cover available for Saturday working or 24*7 365 complete cover for your systems. Our Helpdesk Manager and Helpdesk Administrator reviews all open calls and clients are called to discuss any on-going or persistent issues. 

Finally, your Account Manager will be available for any issues, problems or project work. Regular contact will be maintained and face-to-face meetings offered throughout the course of the contract to ensure you stay ‘super-productive’.


Key features include;


  • Remote support    
  • Remote monitoring
  • Backup monitoring 
  • System updates
  • Unlimited calls
  • Standard cover
  • Extended cover
  • Proactive support
  • Proactive planning
  • Remote response
  • On-site response 
  • Account management 
  • Technical management
  • Minor changes
  • Discount for on-site work



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