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Telecoms Applications and Enhancements


Charlton Networks provide a wide range of additional telephony applications and enhancements to suit every business need. Typical applications and enhancements include:

  • Call recording

  • Call centres

  • Call logging

  • SIP connectivity and VoIP gateways

  • Wall-boards & call reporting

  • Inbound call routing solutions


About Inbound Call Routing:


What is Inbound Call Routing?

Inbound call routing allows the user to translate a call from one phone number to another without the necessity for the caller to be aware they have been transferred. Often the initial contact number dialled by the caller is not geographically specific (i.e. with a 01 prefix) so the main switchboard number is not identifiable with any one location (i.e. 0871, 0844 etc.). However, Charlton Networks are able to provide clients with ‘Area Call’ numbers where desired. Depending on the type of number chosen, some of the numbers will be chargeable while others will have a revenue share attached.


Can my company benefit from Inbound Call Routing?

Yes. Businesses of all types and of every size can benefit from inbound call routing, because in addition to providing control over when and where calls are received, it also removes the requirement to upgrade the existing telephony system. ICR systems can be configured easily and any changes to the system applied instantly, making it ideal when dealing with a high volume of calls or where a business operates over more than one location. Smaller businesses or portable companies can benefit from being able to offer customers a dedicated office line that can potentially be answered 24 hours a day from any location. No matter what the size or nature of a company, one centralised telephone number provides consistency in dealing with potential customers or clients.


Are there any additional advantages?

Inbound call routing provides users with a variety of useful additional options when setting up the system. For example, depending on the size of the company, you may wish to employ a menu system to greet incoming callers (press 1 for sales etc.) in order that your customers call is correctly routed. Alternatively you may just wish to record a simple greeting that redirects to an answerphone service. Call recording and monitoring options are useful for many things, whether it be gauging the success of your latest marketing campaign or in the deployment of your quality control systems (caller waiting times etc.)


Summary of Phone Numbers

  • 01 and 02 – These numbers are related to specific geographic locations in the UK. Numbers are charged at the standard BT rate

  • 0800 and 0808 – These are Freephone numbers and no charge to the caller is made, though callers from mobile phones will be charged a fee plus their standard network rate.

  • 0843 and 0844 – These numbers will incur a charge.

  • 0845 and 0870 – These numbers are charged at the local and national rate respectively.

  • 0871 – These numbers will incur a charge. 

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