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Free Offers - Charlton Networks

Free Offers

We provide several free offers to both prospective and existing customers of Charlton Networks. These free offers include demonstrations of Microsoft 365 suite of products and applications or a demonstration of our Horizon cloud telephone system. We also offer free reviews of your disaster recovery / business continuity preparedness or a free review of your networks, telecoms or business processes. We’d be delighted to help and demonstrate why working with Charlton Networks can make a big difference to your business IT.

Free Microsoft 365 Demo

Find out how Microsoft 365 can power your business, including;

  • How Microsoft Teams can help your team collaborate, securely share files and work more flexibly on-line.
  • How Microsoft SharePoint can create Intranet or Extranets and improve supply chain working, improve access to internal business data & track changes of critical data.
  • How Microsoft OneDrive can be used to sync your data across all your devices, making sure you always have access to the latest versions
  • Or bring your own questions or issues and we will help solve your business IT problem using Microsoft Office 365
Request Your Free Microsoft 365 Demo

Discover the benefits of a Cloud based phone system, including;

  • How to future proof your communications & cope when ISDN is ceased.
  • How cloud-based telephony can save your business money and avoid large CapEx expenditure.
  • How 'plug & play' VoIP telephone systems makes moving easy.
  • How to avoid performance problems and quality when using VoIP.
  • How having 1-number can win new sales by connecting you anywhere.
  • Or bring your own questions or issues and we will help solve these using Cloud Telephony
Request Your Free Cloud Telephony Demo

Free Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Review

Get an independent review of your Business IT Risks, including;

  • How you are managing your current business IT risks
  • Are all business IT risks being mitigated?
  • What is your disaster preparedness?
  • Best practice advice and guidance.
  • Or bring your own questions or issues around disaster and business continuity
Request Your Free Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Review

Free Network Audit

Would you like to understand how your IT network is performing? Our free review includes;

  • What hardware & software you are running
  • How your network is connected
  • OR
  • An assessment of your network security
  • A vulnerability scan of all your network devices
  • Or bring your own questions or issues around your network infrastructure
Request your free review of Network Infrastructure

Free Telecoms Audit

Are you getting the most from your current telecoms? Our free review might be able to help & includes;

  • A free audit of your existing telecoms solution
  • Review of your telecoms connectivity
  • Assessment of your telecoms charges
  • Guidance & advice on telecoms development
  • Guidance on convergence of telecoms and computer systems.
  • Or bring your own telecoms questions or issues
Request your free Telecoms Review

Free Business Process Review

Struggling with complex or hard to operate business processes? Our free review might be able to help and includes;

  • Identify your core business processes
  • How your business uses IT to operate these processes
  • Guidance on how system integration could benefit your business
  • Guidance on how bespoke solutions could benefit your business
  • Identify what performance or efficiency improvements could be made
  • A free external perspective without obligation
Request your free Business Process Review