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Network Infrastructure Solutions for SME Businesses

Network Infrastructure technology is at the heart of every business, from storing and sharing your data, through to connecting your employees, suppliers & partners. At Charlton Networks we build reliable network infrastructure solutions for business. These solutions provide cost effective, high availability, secure, responsive and scalable IT networks for business. Talk to us today about our robust and affordable solutions.

Our IT Network Solutions

We offer unrivalled technical advice and IT consulting across all of areas of Network Infrastructure.  

Remote Access, Firewalls & UTMs

These solutions work together to safely connect your business network with the outside world. These 'gateway' solutions allow your users to remotely access and control their business computers. They provide the security and control to keep you safe-on-line, controlling Internet connections and access in & out of your network.

Computer Networking

There solutions over wireless Wi-Fi and wired computer networks, including active equipment and cabling solutions. These technologies connect devices, servers and systems together in a secure, fast and effective manner in LAN networks.

Severs and Storage

These solutions support your computing and storage workload needs. These technologies process and store your company data and are essential elements in being productive and secure. We tailor all of our solutions! We build affordable solutions for micro and small businesses, to large scale solutions to support hundreds of users.

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure solutions provide the hardware, software, storage, and networking that form hosted services and applications. Cloud infrastructure is available and accessible via the Internet (or cloud) and integrated into a single service. A wide range of solutions includes virtual servers, cloud storage, backup, phone systems and networking devices. Technology-as-a-Service includes hardware, software, storage, and networking devices that are both on-site / on-premise and cloud-based. Talk to our team to find out more.


We provide a wide range of cutting-edge technology for less than you might expect. We upgrade your computers, laptops or tablet devices, transferring settings, migrating data and making sure everything works just as it should. We also supply everything else you might need, from a new monitor, webcam​ or printer.

We're Trusted Partners.

Our teams are Cyber Essentials certified, DBS checked and cleared by other Government clearances. This means we are trusted to the highest levels with local organisations and government. Charlton Networks understand local business issues. As members of business groups like FSBIoD, we know your biggest issues and adapt our services to our customers. 

Finally, our in-house team are trained IT professionals. They hold MicrosoftSophos and Altaro qualifications, giving us Gold Partner status. This means we deliver solutions that work, give our clients peace of mind and deliver great value for money. Contact us for testimonials and case studies.

Why Work With Us

At Charlton Networks we believe in the transformative power of our technology. As your Network Infrastructure Consultants we can provide robust, scalable, cutting edge solutions to ensure your business achieves more.

Value for Money

We are not 'box shifters', looking for the quick sale and maximum return on a sale. We add value for money by helping you get the most from your Network Infrastructure.

You Get a Team of Experts

Our engineers work on many systems, delivering many projects and solutions. You benefit from this knowledge and skill when you work with Charlton Networks.

You're at the Heart of Everything

We consistently go above and beyond our customer's expectations to ensure that each and every customer is happy with the service they receive.

You Don't Need to Worry

We are a team, not a one-man-band and invest in our staff. We also partner with the best, such as Microsoft, HP & Sophos, who are always there in an emergency.

Our Cyber Security Services

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