Essential Cyber Security

Essential Cyber-Security

Business today is reliant upon IT systems and Internet connectivity. If these IT systems are not secure, your business is at risk or worse you could lose customers & money if your systems are attacked or compromised. At Charlton Networks we understand that your business relies upon technology and our cyber-security solutions provide the consultancy, technology and operational service that keep your business secure on-line. Talk to us today or continue reading to find out more.

Essential Cyber-Security at a Glance

IT Consultancy

IT Security Solutions

Sophos Products & Services

Cyber Testing & Management

Cyber Analysis & Recovery

Why Charlton Networks?


Our IT Consultancy services cover a wider range of Business IT topics, that include cyber-security. Good cyber-security starts by reviewing your current set-up, understanding your current risks and building a plan to fix these gaps. 

We bring many years of experience and offer a FREE Network Audit, that can be focused upon cyber-security to get you started.

Free Network Audit

Find out more about your Free Network Audit


We sell and support a range of  network & IT security solutions to keep your business secure on-line.

Our project team install, set-up and manage IT projects for a range of  cyber-security solutions. We complete network upgrades, integrate systems or replace old network infrastructure hardware & software.

Work undertaken ranges from secure remote access, content filtering and improving device security. We also securely linking sites, improve cloud application security or improve secure sign-on with 2-factor authentication.

So, what ever network security solution you are seeking, talk to Charlton Networks today about how we can help keep your business secure on-line.

Managed Backup


Charlton Network and Sophos have a 20+ year partnership, that recognises us as a Gold Partner. This means we have attained the highest levels of accreditation and are able to specifiy, supply, install and support all Sophos products & services.

Sophos provides leading cyber-security solutions for business users. From Email, device & server protection, through to advance detection & managed threat response, Sophos has a solution for every business. A secure easy use central management platform is used to manage all of your Sophos products. This makes it simple to manage and our Sophos products & solutions can be supplied as part of a managed service or supplied as discreet products.

Check out the Sophos video for a bit of fun!


Networks are constantly changing, including new software, changes in configuration and the addition of new equipment. These constant changes bring the potential for cyber-security vulnerabilities that othres could use to exploit your IT network.

We solve these issues by managing your networks, monitoring alerts and regularly testing for vulnerabilities. We offer these services across your networks, user devices, servers, cloud applications and websites.

We ensure that known threats are identified and fixed, through software updates / patching or by reconfiguring your systems to become more secure.

  • Get your systems regularly tested
  • Avoid vulnerabilities and stay secure
  • Easy low-cost monthly subscription plan
  • Flexible covering websites, computers, infrastructre & all other network attached equipment


Cyber analysis & recovery includes Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and the recommended next steps when recovering from a cyber-security incident.

Data recording & tracking is made possible from all managed devices and includes information on key processes and changes. This data enables RCA generation typically over the last 30 days, which can be graphically displayed for easier understanding.

This process covers malicious activity, including malware, exploits, ransomware detections and other activity. We identify things like opening an email attachment, inserting a USB drive, browsing to website as incident causes and then help your business to train users or lockdown specific threats. Recommended actions can include locking down USB ports and stopping the use of unauthorized media being connected to a machine.

This service is a fully managed and delivered via a 24/7 team of threat hunters and response experts. It include the following benefits:

  • Proactively hunting for threats and incidents
  • Determining the scope & severity of threats
  • Providing advise on root causes
  • Stopping incidents from recurring
  • Reduce impact by disrupting, containing or neutralising threats

Why use Charlton Networks?

You should consider using Charlton Networks for your cyber-securty services & solutions because we offer;

  • Flexible cyber-security services and solutions
  • On-demand, annual contracts, monthly on-going services or any combination
  • Fully managed 24hour by 7-days a week by 365-days a year cyber-security support
  • Solutions for complex security customer needs
  • Provide a Virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer) to help with both high-level and user-level guidance
  • Systems built on SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), giving you the flexibility to use & pay only for what you need
  • Support for multiple devices, supporting you anywhere, at home or on the road
  • Protection from hackers and thieves, who grow increasingly more sophisticated in their tactics
  • Solutions against scams like phishing schemes and crimeware
  • A stop to ransomware and preventing your organization paying a fee to access your data
  • Training users against phishing schemes sharp enough to fool most users

What do we Protect?

We offer a wide range of cyber-security protection by;

  • Securing endpoints (Windows, Mac or Android)
  • Protecting on-site servers
  • Supporting firewalls and UTMs (Unified Threat Management) gateways
  • Controlling mobile devices (MacOS or Android)
  • Encrypting your devices
  • Protecting your WordPress websites
  • Filtering and checking your Email
  • Simulating Phishing attacks and training your users
  • Encrypting your backup and managing ultimate recovery from cyber disaster
  • Testing and patching systems for vulnerabilities

What our customers say

Charlton did an awesome job over the weekend, a great follow up to the excellent 1-hour response to the server crash on Wednesday. A strong endorsement of outsourcing support to folk who know what they are doing
Qualitas Insurance Brokers Review
Charlton Networks are our IT support partner – maintaining our internal and hosted infrastructure so it works for us and we don’t have to worry. It is good to work with a company where there are good people available to speak to you when you need them.

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