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High-Speed Connectivity

We now provide access to City-Fibre the UK’s largest alternative provider of super high-speed connectivity, with projects in 50+ cities across the UK. These services are competitively priced, offer super high speed connection and are available now in many areas across Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire. More details here or contact our team for a free assessment of your current connectivity & future options.

Microsoft Teams

Empowering your Team with Microsoft Office365 Teams enables your team to collaborate in real-time. Meet on-line, chat, video conference, share files, share their computer screens and much more. Microsoft Teams is available as part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite and is easy to get up and running. So get your team working together, maximise their productivity, work from anywhere and on any device today. For more details click here or request a free demonstration here.


Are you ready for Windows-7 operating system going end-of-life? Critical updates will stop being issued for Windows 7 from January 14th 2020. Therefore we have released a briefing paper on Windows 7 that might help you address some of the issues to be considered when migrating away to Windows 10 or other operating systems. So take a look at our check list here and be prepared for Windows 7 end-of-life.

Protecting Company Data

Using mobile devices and working anywhere, means that protecting data away from the office is essential. Full-disk encryption can be a problem to implement and manage on an adhoc basis. However, encryption can now be added can now be added to your Sophos security suite. This removes the worry of losing your company data if your device is lost or stolen. And because this is fully managed via Sophos Central, resetting or revoking access is simple. Find out more here

IT Support Engineer

We are currently hiring & looking for an IT support engineer. Great development opportunity, lots of new stuff to learn, competitive salary, established 20+ year old family run business, great team. Is this just what your looking for? Find out more here


C4i & Biodigital PC

Great to pop in to our long standing customer C4i Systems in Hereford. We are doing some work for another business looking for a dedicated SC Network and C4i products are designed for demanding environments. If you are in the market for powerful computing, with ultra-small form-factor, lower power requirements, ruggedized, mobile or other demanding environments then their Biodigital PC and Data Centre solutions might be of real interest. Find out more here

Reducing Telecoms Costs

Cloud-based VoIP business phone systems offer huge potential cost savings that make your business more productive, enable staff to work anywhere and give you the business features you expect. It’s now easy to migrate from traditional iSDN systems and most call charges are now included. You only pay per user per month and cashflow is improved with zero capital expenditure. You might like to read our blog The Benefits of Cloud Telephony or find out more on our solutions here

Backing Up Office365

With more customer data moving in to Microsoft Office365, ensuring data can be recovered is essential. We now provide a low-cost backup solution for Microsoft Office 365 protecting your business Exchange email, OneDrive & SharePoint. From as little as £1.50 / user / month, perhaps its worth getting some more information here

Securing Office 365

The security of Microsoft Office 365 is vital to business users and preventing unauthorised access is now essential. Charlton Networks now offer 2-factor authentication for Microsoft Office 365, that improves security, locks down access, avoids phishing attacks and stops unauthorized entry. The second factor authentication is simple to use and adds a 6-digit code to the normal sign-in process. For more information

Sophos Synchronised Security
Synchronised security is something you may not of heard about yet? It’s a concept from Sophos, that removes the issue that many businesses face, in having multiple security products. This makes it hard to manage, operate and get working together. Synchronised Security from Sophos offers the ability to link your EndPoint Anti-Viris, Intercept-X Malware prevention and Sophos XG firewalls. Meaning they all working together to block threats and work together to keep your IT protected. The solution can be built-up over time, as your older products come to an end, Sophos can be developed to secure your whole system. More info Sophos Cyber Security