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You probably have hard drives in your computer, maybe several computers and perhaps some old external drives containing all sorts of valuable data, pictures and important documents?
This Guardian article reminds us they only last so long… Source

Fear not customers of Charlton Networks! Our RMM solution monitors drives and issues ‘predictive drive failure’ alerts, so we can proactively change them or move all your data to the cloud. We’ve got you covered. More here

Anti-Virus on its own is no longer enough to protect your company in the face of increasing malware threats. Anti-virus systems are often reliant upon signature files, which list current known viruses and struggle to keep up with the sheer volume of attacks. We strongly advise you to use additional methods of protection, such as Sophos Intercept-X, which uses AI based learning to identity & stop patterns suspicious behaviour. Our cyber-security guidance has more information

Passwords on their own are no longer enough to protect your users & systems in the face of increasing cyber-security threats. Even the strongest passwords are vulnerable to theft or exposure. We strongly advise you to use additional authentication methods to verify the identity of your users. Having 2-factor authentication greatly reduces the risk of stolen credentials being used. Our cyber-security guidance has more information

Criminals are still exploiting old flaws in new cyber-attacks, and this is a reminder that old vulnerabilities need to be fixed. An example includes a 10-year-old vulnerability in Microsoft Office that is still being used according to a recent report by NCSC. A good patching and monitoring regime is so important and its why we now include this in our IT Managed Services. Discover more here

Some recent research by Proofpoint has shown that cyber-attacks often begin with large volume unsophisticated phishing emails to staff. Sometimes hundreds of thousands are sent and urge immediate action to trick unwitting users to download malware. Source
We recommend training users and ensuring you have the correct technical measures in place. Find out more here

An IT audit from Charlton Networks will help you to:

Understand your IT Risks, identify potential savings and equip you with knowledge about where to make improvements. This will help reduce IT issues, improve Business Performance and Improve cyber-security.

Book your free IT & cyber-security audit today

Keeping cyber threats at bay is everyone’s responsibility! That’s why we recommend training your staff on the potential dangers; from dodgy emails, spammy links and viruses.

Take a look at our guide or contact us for team training.

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Fall in Love with your IT

Is your business technology the bane of your business? Do you dread the anticipation that something could go wrong. Well fear not! Our Remote Monitoring and Management service will put your mind at ease and make you fall in love once again with your IT!

Ideal for a fully managed service or to to help under pressure IT departments. Monitor, report, patch, update and script your way to IT Love!

Managed IT support can really help businesses succeed. Instead of employing and managing a busy IT department we provide in-depth support and IT solutions for your organisation. Leaving you free to concentrate on the commercial success. From managing your entire network to essential remote support. Basically, we’ve got your covered.

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Police have recently seized a VPN linked to multiple ransomware attacks causing significant damage to the UK economy and other countries world wide. The operation was led by the Hanover Police Department in Germany and saw 15 servers seized, with the network’s UK-based node taken offline by the National Crime Agency (NCA).

Cyber attacks remain a huge threat for many businesses. Take a look at our guide on hoe to protect your business.

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Happy New Year to all of our customer and followers. Thanks again for your continued support.

From Team Charlton Networks

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Looking for a solution that will enable your team to work remotely, collaborate, share and sync content? As a Gold Microsoft Partner we offer Microsoft solutions for Businesses.

We’ll help you get the most our of your subscription ensuring that you can achieve more. We’ll handle everything from planning, set up and transition, and provide in-depth training for your teams.

Take a look at why you should partner with us

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Wishing you all a very merry Christmas. ‘Thank you’ to you ALL for your continued support. We look forward to working with you in the New Year.

All the best,
Team Charlton Networks

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A vulnerability has been discovered that affects a version of Apache software, which is in use across many Web-based applications and may impact many businesses. Get more information here:

Thankfully our customers have remained protected, thanks to our advanced Monitoring & Management tools which continually monitor and report on Cyber-Security and Risks. Contact us to find out how we can help your business stay protected.

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Thanks to the ‘Amazon effect’, consumers now expect exceptional online services. They want speed, efficiency, fast delivery and instant help when it’s needed.

For many businesses the challenge in 2022 will be to perfect their online service and business automation.

At Charlton Networks we have a team of digital experts that work solely on optimising the user experience. We also develop websites and create custom software like CRMs, databases or stock management systems. These solutions help businesses to automate laborious processes, communications, stock and supply management.

These time consuming tasks for many businesses stop them from reaching their full potential. Take a look at how we can help your business become better through technology in 2022.

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It has been suggested that Brexit has fuelled a skills shortage in the IT sector. Coupled with a rise in demand for skills many businesses are finding it harder to recruit and retain talented members.

The other problem is that many businesses are demanding more complex capabilities from their business technology. With a requirement for more automation, higher security and systems to manage entire teams of remote workers there is a huge responsibility being placed on internal IT teams that simply cannot cope. This is a really big business technology challenge for many.

Find out how Charlton Networks can help with this challenge in 2022.

6 Business Technology Challenges for 2022 – Charlton Networks

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With so many businesses turning to cloud-based solutions in 2021, data security and cyber security remain a key challenge throughout 2022.

We have a wealth of knowledge, tools and resources for businesses that enable them to identify threats, continually monitor vulnerabilities, prevent cyber attacks and cure any problems.

Take a look now: 6 Business Technology Challenges for 2022 – Charlton Networks

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Happy Christmas Jumper Day from all at Charlton Networks

Our team are in the festive spirit and everyone has pitched in, making mince pies, sausage rolls and festive feast. We are collecting donations for Save The Children and their Christmas Jumper Day

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