Solving your IT Problems

Charlton Networks help you solve business problems through IT services, solutions & technology. We solve problems that range from: Dealing with many suppliers (and no one taking responsibility). Relying on a single IT person (and getting poor levels of service). Struggling with manual systems (and wasting time). Or concerns over IT strategy & risk (through poor management & planning).

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Solving IT Problems at a Glance

We want to cut overheads

We need to work more flexibly

Our system needs improvement


Staff can’t cope with workloads

We worry about risk & security

Coping with constant change


You want to cut overheads in difficult times and we can help you acheive this through a range of measures including;

  • Process automation to reduce manual tasks
  • Better IT systems improving speed & flexibility
  • System training for better use of existing systems  
Just want to deal with one supplier (cyber security)


You need to be able to work more flexibly, allowing you to make best use of your people. We help by;

  • Giving you secure access to your systems
  • Using cloud-based technology to improve productivity
  • Supply & support mobile technology to work anywhere
  • Providing flexible IT support solutions


Your systems need improvement to help your work more effectively. We can help by;

  • Auditing your IT systems to understand what you have
  • Design systems that meet your business needs
  • Create an IT Roadmap to plan your IT improvements


Your staff are struggling to cope with their workloads, but you want to ensure costs stay low. We can help by;

  • Creating bespoke systems to process increased work
  • Linking systems together to reduce manual work
  • Designing custom IT systems for new workloads


You worry about the risks around disasters, failure and cyber-security. We can help by through an number of cyber security services, including;
  • Identifying and documenting IT risk
  • Providing backup & disaster recovery solutions
  • Helping you keep IT systems & people secure
  • Managing your IT systems every day

Coping with constant change

We keep you updated

We supply all our customers with articles from our blog, regular industry news and focused emails on topics of interest

You get a Team of IT Experts

Our team keep their knowledge & skills updated & are always on-hand to guide you with changing IT systems & problems

You're at the Heart of Everything

We consistently go above and beyond our customer's expectations to ensure that each and every customer is happy with the service they receive.

You Don't Need to Worry

Every customer gets access to on-going account management and the opportunity to develop an IT Roadmap. You never need to worry, we're always here to guide you!

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What our customers say

Charlton did an awesome job over the weekend, a great follow up to the excellent 1-hour response to the server crash on Wednesday. A strong endorsement of outsourcing support to folk who know what they are doing
Qualitas Insurance Brokers Review
Charlton Networks are our IT support partner – maintaining our internal and hosted infrastructure so it works for us and we don’t have to worry. It is good to work with a company where there are good people available to speak to you when you need them.

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