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At Charlton Networks we believe that cutting-edge IT technology can really help to propel businesses in the right direction. However, off-the-shelf solutions have their limitations. Bespoke business applications give businesses the ultimate power and control, because they are built specifically to address business frustrations and time consuming admin processes. Our engineers and developers have the ability to create powerful, bespoke applications and custom IT solutions that are totally unique to your business: A bespoke IT solution packed with potential to truly transform your business.  

What is bespoke Software?

Is there a particular administrative process within your business that you could really do without? Do you have to allocate valuable staff resources to complete tasks that could be automated? Custom software is the broad term given to the development of any bespoke solution. Bespoke software solutions are specifically tailored to your business needs, users and customers to provide the best possible experience, improve efficiency and minimise workloads. This can include the development of a bespoke business application, like a booking system or register;  secure networks; and private and hybrid cloud storage. Take a look at the areas we develop to build a complete custom solution.

Custom Software Development

Tailored around your existing systems or built ‘from-the-ground-up’, our custom software solutions control and manage business processes and report on your business in real-time.

System Integration

Enables your CRM to speak to your accounts package or your monthly management report to extract data from your database, All with a single ‘click of a button’.

Business Reporting

Taking your key business data from your disparate IT systems and creating an over-arching management system, that is flexible and customisable.

Custom Web Applications

Secure intranet or extranet solutions that enable employees, partners or customers to share and exchange data in a secure and controlled environment from any device, anywhere.

Secure Networks

Designing / planning and building secure bespoke networks is a core business service and is based upon best practice and backed by our many vendor certifications and competences.

Private or Hybrid Cloud

Your own bespoke private or hybrid cloud, designed and built to your needs, from hosting your hardware, integrating public and private clouds or building your own private network.

Benefits of Bespoke Business Software

When you work with us to build a bespoke application or solution we guarantee huge benefits. This is because the solution is yours! Not only does it do exactly what you need it to, it also becomes a profitable business asset! Let’s take a look at some of the other benefits.   

Addresses Business Frustrations

The desire for a custom application is often born out of the desire to address particular admin issues and frustrations. A bespoke solution goes to the heart of the problem and looks to automate or eradicate frustrating processes or procedures. 

Improves Business Efficiency

Because our solutions are able to remove administrative frustrations, our clients report a huge improvement to business efficiency. Removing unnecessary manual processes ensures staff can concentrate on other more important business tasks.

A Better Return On Investment

Off-the-shelf software is designed to be a one-size-fits-all! This often means that businesses pay thousands to customise applications to make them behave the way they need them to. Features are then added as an afterthought or internal processes are adapted to suit the software. Instead a bespoke solution is built around existing processes with careful planning and execution which starts saving you money from the day it’s launched. 

Complete Control Over Features and UX

When you work with us, you get to decide how your application behaves, what it feels like to use and what it looks like. All the features, appearance and usability is down to how you want and expect it to operate. 

We can work with your teams and customers to understand how and where improvements can be made to ensure customers and users always get the best possible user experience. 

A Vital Business Asset

Once a solution has been built, you own it! And since the business application is built entirely around your business it can’t be transferred. This means that it becomes a vital business asset which adds value to your business. In other words, bespoke solutions are a very worthy investment.

Saves Cost

With custom software there are plenty of cost saving benefits. Apart from the obvious savings made from improved efficiency and customer satisfaction, you’ll never have to pay ever increasing premium subscriptions like you do for off-the-shelf-products.  

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Whether you’re bespoke IT system is a booking system, customer management system or reporting system, the fact that it can automate processes means staff are more available to serve and support customers, leading to an increase in customer satisfaction.

Improve Customer Retention

The correlation between customer satisfaction and customer retention is significant. If a bespoke application allows you to process orders, obtain feedback or report problems quicker then customer satisfaction will increase. And happy customers are returning customers. 

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    Bespoke Software Examples

    We’ve built and continue to support a number of custom IT solutions, applications and software. Below are some examples of just some of the bespoke software we have developed over the years. Take a look at how they have transformed businesses.  

    Bespoke Booking System

    MT Training are the UK’s largest provider of commercial driver training, delivering LGV, HGV and Trailer training across the country. With so many different courses, trainees and instructors they needed a system that would allow drivers to book time with instructors. 

    We built an effective online, cloud-based booking portal that would enable administrative staff to mange bookings, training, tests and staff at all of their 11 locations.  

    Read the full case study here>>

    Order Processing Application

    N-virocycle provide innovative and cost-effective recycling solutions for Industry and Agriculture.  Their frustrations came from not being able to process and fulfil orders efficiently. 

    Our cloud-based application enables them to follow up and process orders quickly to significantly improve customer satisfaction. They were also able to fulfil bulk and discounted orders for repeat businesses. 

    Read the full case study here>>

    Rowan Gymnastics Club

    A large local Gymnastics club required a smart and intelligent system to manage backend admin and alleviate gymnastic instructors of their admin burdens.

    Working with them we were able to examine their administrative process to build a fully bespoke web application. Our solutions not only manages bookings but also populate registers, manages refunds, absences and booking keeping for our clients. 

    Read the full case study here>>

    Order Processing and Fulfilment

    The Silk Bureau needed an intelligent system to detect, process, and manage the fulfilment process. 

    The IT solution we built manages a lot of the admin work for them and automatically generates reports to display completed, processing and fulfilled orders. Since using our application turn over has increased by over 213%. 

    Read the full case study here>>

    Our Bespoke Development Process

    We build solutions that are entirely capable of addressing time consuming problems, administrate issues and business processes. In order to build a solution with the right features and exceptional usability we’ve developed a sound and robust development process to ensure success, from concept right through to the final implementation.

    Step 1: Investigation

    During our initial investigations we we’ll work with you to uncover the potential roadblocks within your business. We’ll delve deep into the processes from start to finish. 

    Step 2: Scoping

    Scoping identifies how, where and when you would like to use the application. We use process mapping, examine workflows, assess user functionality, technical architecture and cyber-security.

    Step 3: Concept

    We plan and map out a proof of concept to present the key features and capabilities of the bespoke software or application. At this stage you get to decide what how it should look!  

    Step 4: Development

    During the trial stage, we will hold regular progress meetings to keep you fully involved in the process.  You’ll be given the chance to test functionality, provide feedback, and have valuable input toward the User Experience.

    Step 5: Beta Testing

    The Beta Testing stage allows you to roll out the solution to a small sample of staff and customers if required. We’ll diligently collect customer feedback to inform changes and amends to the system.

    Step 6: Training & Launch

    We provide comprehensive training to all users so they can operate the application and access its full potential. We’ll then begin fully rolling out the system and provide optional on-going flexible IT support.  

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