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Working from Home

If you need to work from home during the Coronavirus crisis we have a solution. It is easy & secure and included as part of our standard IT Support service . This remote access solution is also secure and includes strong encryption and 2-factor authentication via mobile phone app. You can work from any Internet connected location, on any device and securely access your office computer. Contact us to find out more.

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Upgrading IT Equipment

Do you need to upgrade IT equipment but you are concerned about the environment & sustainability? Buy your equipment through Charlton Networks, an HP accredited reseller, chose a qualifying piece of equipment and get cashback. This new scheme allows you to buy new HP computer kit and trade-in your old equipment. Not only do you get some cash back on the old kit, but it is also responsibly recycled and saved from the IT scrapheap too.

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Newsletter 18th March

Our latest email newsletter is out and covers business planning for the COVID-19 coronavirus, 10 ways to own your cybersecurity in 2020 & the 5 biggest cybersecurity trends in 2020 everyone should know about. View on-line here

Home Cyber-Security

People now routinely run internet connected devices in their homes. This includes devices like smart speakers, baby monitors & door bells that make things easier. However, please don’t forget about the potential risks these devices present. Many devices are provided with default passwords and can be open to connection by others. Make sure default passwords are changed – recent guidance from NCSC is here or our cyber-security guide may also help.

IT Planning
Without an IT plan, are you planning to fail?

Do you have the data to make good business decisions? Can you measure the benefit of the changes you are making? Do you have an IT Roadmap / IT Strategy? Can you measure the impact of your improvements? How do you plan in such uncertain times? Here are some independant references on stratgic planning and dynamic strategy. You may also find our updated IT Planning & IT Strategy Guide for SME Business a good reference too.

Call us to discover how we help business plan and deliver strategic IT for business sucess.

What value is a lost call to your business?
Have you considered the value of a lost call to your business? Our systems can help you identify unreturned lost calls. We can report on telephone call traffic and show you the potential revenue of calls waiting to be answered. We can also display wallboards on your favourite browser or your mobile phone. Or keep you up to date with scheduled reports direct to your inbox and much more. See our brochures on the Cost of a Lost Call or Cloud Telephony or browse a full range of telecoms & connectivity solutions

Free Reviews for Business

If you are struggling with any aspect of IT infrastructure, cyber-security or telecoms our set of FREE reviews may be just the ticket. These are avalable to existing or prospective customers and are aimed at getting your business moving forward in 2020. So don’t let your old products, systems, services, processes or outdated practices hold you back. Unleash your true potential and don’t forget – IT’s FREE! More here.

Telecoms Connectivity Guide

How do you choose a new phone system when there is so much choice? To help business buyers select a new phone system, we have created a new Telecoms Connectivity Guide. This guide helps you understand the advantages & key considerations when selecting a new system. We are also offering a free audit of your current telecoms system or a free free demonstration of cloud-based telephony.

Ransomware & Sophos Intercept-X

Ransomware has been a growing cyber-security threat over recent years and Sophos Intercept-X is a key tool in the defence against ransomware attacks for business users. Intercept-X includes signature-based malware detection, the analysis of behavior on the computer, malicious traffic detection, device & application control, web filtering, data loss prevention, and deep learning. This ‘Deep Learning’ is based upon Artificial Intelligence (AI) that enables the detection of both known and unknown malware. This means that business users get the best posible protection. Don’t just take our word for it, Gartner give it 5-stars. Charlton Networks are a Sophos Gold Partner and can supply, set-up and support the entire Sophos product set. Give us a call if you need some help or read more in our cyber-security guide.

Patching your Systems

2019 saw many high profile cyber-security incidents & data breaches, including Adobe, Captial-One & Facebook. According to the UK Government National Computer Security Centre, patching your IT technology equipment & systems remains the single most important thing you can do to secure your IT technology systems against threats such as Ransomware. Find out how our IT Support can help or read more in our cyber-security guide

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Recovering from Disaster

In the wake of the recent cyber-security incident at Travelex, it’s worth considering that the ultimate protection against ransomware encryption is your backup. This means regular testing and checking your backup. Making sure you can recover your data. Ensuring you have multiple backup copies. And having an off-site / cloud-backup are also a part of your solution. Finally, all good cyber-security solutions are bilt around a ‘layered’ approach, not just a single-point solution. Charlton Networks design, implement and operate backup and recovery solutions for business clients across the region. You can speak to one of our team, see our full range of solutions here or read more in our cyber-security guide

Website Security

Keeping your website secure is vital for your public image and your business reputation. Many Websites are built and forgotten. This leaves many businesses at risk from simple failure, through to attack and loss of their site. Regular testing and patching can avoid these problems. We now a offer regular review & software update of your WordPress based website. This also includes the application of patching, security updates and other minor changes, to keep your website safe, secure and operational. Find out more or discover more in our cyber-security guide

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WEB-based Applications

Web-based applications help businesses be more productive, work anywhere and can help integrate systems that previously worked in isolation. Charlton Networks build custom web-based applications that run in your browser, integrating your business data & legacy systems and cost less than you might think. Our FREE business process review helps you understand how your business is using its systems, where its data resides and how your people are using these systems. This is often a huge insight for many businesses, where systems have developed adhoc over many years. Get more details here if this sounds of interest.

Gigabit Broadband Voucher

We can now support our customers with up to £3000 toward a a high-speed Internet connection. Find out more about the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme direct from Charlton Networks can help your business. Get a full fibre-optic broadband Internet connection. And explore ways your business could benefit from super-fast high-speed Internet connectivity for cloud computing, hosted telephony and applications like Microsoft Office 365. Contact our office for more details.

Gigabit Broadband Voucher

Get your business connected to super-fast high-speed broadband and transform your business. We can help with up to £3000 toward a full fibre-optic broadband connection with the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme. Find out more here.

High-Speed Connectivity

We can now provide City-Fibre, the UK’s largest alternative provider of high-speed Internet. The coverage now includes Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire. Business users can buy a competitively priced and superfast high-speed Internet. So check your availability by contacting our team, find more details here or get for a free assessment of your current set-up.

Microsoft Teams

Empowering your Team with Microsoft Office365 Teams enables your team to collaborate in real-time. Meet on-line, chat, video conference, share files, share their computer screens and much more. Microsoft Teams is available as part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite and is easy to get up and running. So get your team working together, maximise their productivity, work from anywhere and on any device today. For more details click here or request a free demonstration here.


Are you ready for Windows-7 operating system going end-of-life? Critical updates will stop being issued for Windows 7 from January 14th 2020. We have released a briefing paper on Windows 7 to help you plan migrating to Windows 10. Take a look at our check list here and get prepared for Windows 7 end-of-life or contact our office for more help

You can find more information on key topics here: IT Support

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