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Company Data Encryption

Using mobile devices and working away, means protecting your company data is essential. Full-disk encryption can be a problem to implement and manage on an adhoc basis. However, encryption can now be added to your Sophos security suite. This removes the worry of losing your company data if your device is lost or stolen and because this is fully managed via Sophos Central, resetting or revoking access is simple. Find out more here

C4i & Biodigital PC

Great to see our long standing customer C4i Systems in Hereford. We are designing a dedicated Security Network for a new project and C4i products are perfect for demanding environments like this. If you are in the market for powerful computing, ultra-small form-factor, lower power, ruggedized, mobile or other demanding environments then take a look at Biodigital PC. Find out more on designing & deploying secure networks here

VoIP Telephony

New business phone systems can offer huge potential to save costs.  New VoIP telephony systems are also more flexible, allow staff to work anywhere and make your business more productive. It’s now easy to migrate from traditional iSDN systems to new VoIP telephony and most call charges are now included. You only pay for what you need which helps cashflow and removes big capital expenditure. You might like to read our blog The Benefits of Cloud Telephony or find out more on our solutions here

Office365 Backup

With more customers moving their data to Microsoft Office365, ensuring data can be recovered is essential. We now provide a low-cost backup solution for Microsoft Office 365 protecting your business Exchange email, OneDrive & SharePoint. From as little as £1.50 / user / month, perhaps its worth getting some more information here

Office365 Security

It is vital for business users to prevent unauthorised access to Microsoft Office 365. Charlton Networks now offer 2-factor authentication for Microsoft Office 365, that improves security, locks down access, avoids phishing attacks and stops unauthorized entry. The second factor authentication is simple to use and adds a 6-digit code to the normal sign-in process. For more information

Sophos Synchronised Security

Synchronised security is a concept from Sophos, that removes the complexity of managing cyber-security. It removes the issue of having multiple security products that are hard to manage. Synchronised Security offers the ability to link your Anti-Viris, Malware and Firewalls solutions. This means that they all working together to block threats and keep your IT system protected. Sophos can be developed to secure your whole system, replacing older products as they come to end of life. Find out more about Sophos Cyber Security or read our cyber-security guide

Custom Applications & Bespoke Software

Building custom applications & bespoke software solutions maybe something you’ve discounted because of the cost. We now provide bespoke software solutions, such as web applications, custom databases and business management tools that are not as costly as you may think. We’ve helped many organisations replace old & outdated software, streamline operations and remove manual processes. This is helping them to improve their management, automate & stream-line operations, drive down costs and dramatically improve productivity. More details can be found here

Altaro Backup & Recovery

Could you recover from losing your business data or your business systems? Our backup & recovery solution from Altaro solves these issues and are fast, affordable and high performance solutions. Most of our customers now use Altaro. However, have you ever tried to undertake a full system restore? We can now provide an annual service that tests the complete rebuild of your IT servers, documents this process and gives you peace of mind if the worst were to occur. Call us to find out more or take a closer look here

You can find more information on key topics here: IT Support

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is constantly changing, updating and new features appearing. You may already have access to some of these latest features, such as Microsoft Office, Teams, SharePoint & OneDrive. Being aware of the latest features might help you and your business and we now offer a free review of these applications. This helps you and your teams work smarter, collaborate and work from anywhere. New features also help you to be more secure. If this is of interest please request a free demo by visiting our contact page here

Disaster Recovery

Could you recover from losing your business data? Your business systems? Our backup & recovery solution from Altaro solves these issues, is fast, affordable and high performance solution. More details or a free Disaster Recovery Review here

You can find more information on key topics here: IT Support

Telecoms Audit

Struggling to understand your current telecoms & connectivity? Our FREE review will help business owners understand their current telecoms, identify the value of current solutions and update you on new products & services. Further details here


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