Our family of high-speed IP connectivity services give your business direct access the UKs leading next-generation national network and the wider Internet. SME businesses need ever-increasing bandwidth to allowing them to take full advantage of everything cloud-based services have to offer. Whatever your connectivity needs we have a solution to fit. These services include:

  • Broadband for data – Standard or fibre based broadband products that include options such as 22-hour fixed time, regarding to new and better alternatives at any time, reports, notifications and other features, all suited to business use.
  • Assured Broadband for voice – a specialist broadband product designed to support IP telephony services and our Horizon telecoms solution. With a free Cisco router, providing up to 30 concurrent calls and additional IP addressed, all tailored to your business needs.
  • Converged Broadband - combines standard internet for computers, with the assured broadband for telephony in to one circuit. This includes: guaranteed delivery via QOS (quality of service), monthly data usage allowances and flexible contracts.
  • Ethernet / Leased Line - We provide a range of Ethernet service to connect your office workers to the internet or our Horizon solution. With high quality, high speed scalable solutions which are fully managed. This includes: Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) Ethernet, Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) and Fibre Ethernet (FTTC Ethernet).
  • Networks - Our fully-managed WAN (Wide Area Network) solution is ideal for customers with multiple site. Benefits include: improve security, reduce the cost of the overall network connectivity and increased interaction users.


SIP (session initiated protocol) is a ready-made replacement for ISDN, connecting a business’s PBX to the national telephone network via high-speed connectivity. SIP is a reliable, flexible, more scalable and cheaper than legacy ISDN which it replaces. 

Here are some of the key facts:

  • SIP is approximately 50% the cost of traditional ISDN
  • SIP needs less physical infrastructure than ISDN
  • SIP trunks can be added in minutes, not days compared to ISDN
  • SIP provides number flexibility and allows users to work anywhere
  • SIP is quicker and easier to repair than ISDN
  • SIP works with existing PBX systems


Horizon is a complete communications solution for your business, providing an extensive range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities via an easy-to-use web portal. The service enables your employees to maximise their productivity by using lots of clever features they control themselves and providing your business with a cost-effective solution. Charlton Networks provide hands on management and assistance with the Horizon solution, which offers several commercial and technical features including:

  • Set up – handsets connect via the same LAN (Local Area Network), same network switches and wi-fi used in businesses today. Handsets automatically connect and work from any location with an active Internet connection.
  • Management – cloud based also means systems are updated and hosted on the most reliable platforms, with higher availability and better cyber security. Additionally, you can view statistics of who picks up your calls and any which many go unanswered.
  • Flexible – users can login to any Horizon device with an active internet connection and receive calls and messages anywhere!
  • Costs - with no hidden costs, IP telephony offers free site to site calls, cheaper call rates and 4000 minutes of free calls too! You only pay for the services and features used, per person.
  • Risk - built-in business continuity / disaster recovery to help you through unexpected events and keep your business running.
  • Better cashflow – By illuminating high capital expenditure and moving to low on-going operating expenditure, cashflow is improved helping SME businesses to thrive.


We offer a wide choice of phone numbers, that give your business total flexibility. We can take your existing numbers and allow you to move to a new physical location or add more answering capacity if your business is expanding. We can extend your business in to any local area number / location no matter where you are located. 

Key features include:

  • Customer Service – easily increase your ability to manage inbound calls at busy times
  • Business Continuity – easily redirect your calls in the event of a disaster
  • Call Recording – easily add call recording for compliance or training needs
  • Local or National – easily present the number / location you need
  • Campaigns – easily gear up for a big campaign or event with the minimum cost and fuss


What is the value of a lost call to your business?

Imagine what questions you could answer by adding Akixi’s call management and analytics service to your Horizon communications solution! When do you have too many, too few, or just the right amount of staff on board to provide the best customer service? On which day / time of the week do you miss the most calls? How much business are you losing through abandoned calls? With Akixi advanced call management software add-in to our Horizon communications solution, you can answer these key business questions. Features include:

  • Abandoned call recovery - identify how many sales enquiries you’re missing every day
  • Calls by time/day - discover when your incoming calls peak and ensure your team is sufficiently resourced to cope
  • Wallboards - highly customisable tiles
  • Reporting - schedule customised reports to be emailed directly to your inbox
  • Scalable and flexible – increase or decrease the service as your business needs change
  • Access - anytime, anywhere access via desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone and the Akixi app
  • Set up - no additional hardware or software required with automatic upgrades and product enhancements
  • Costs- simple monthly per-user charge