Board Level Resources


We believe that by aligning your business and IT strategies, you get the best outcomes. When IT systems support business objectives & processes, the business is more likely to achieve its overall vision and goals. This process goes beyond IT as a service and seeks to understand your business strategy, aims and objectives and then make sure your IT systems support these. Creating IT systems that resolve strategic business issues and challenges. 

The first step is a strategic discovery process that identifies key issues and seeks to understand how IT is currently being used. For example, a company specialising in commercial driver training, we identified the risk of using manual diaries and email. We designed and delivered a bespoke application to drive the business in new ways, resulting in a system that now controls all aspects of the business.

We offer a free initial consultation, delivered as a one-off exercise or as part of our ‘flexi-contract’, where a full range of IT services can be tailored to your specific needs. You might be interested to read our ‘IT Planning & Strategy Guide‘ or just Contact us for further details.

IT Roadmap


IT Roadmap is the on-going plan for the development of your IT system and captures the strategic thinking needed to keep developing your IT systems. Every client of Charlton Networks gets the opportunity to develop their IT Roadmap and its included in our IT Support Services.

IT Roadmap provides the planning and oversight for your IT system development and helps ensure your business IT keeps up with your business needs. This service can also be provided as a one-off exercise as part of our Board-Level IT services.  Contact us for further details.


Our IT Risk service supports your Business Continuity or Disaster Recovery processes and aims to protect your critical data & applications. The services looks at all aspects of IT system backup & recovery, the current availability, security & protection of your IT systems.

The service is tailored to your specific needs and we produce an IT Risk Report that documents our findings and identifies potential mitigating actions. The process is suitable for any sized business and involves working with business owners, senior managers and other stakeholders with IT management responsibility.

This is a consultancy-led exercise consisting of three phases (Discovery, Review, Report) and can lead to further detailed work around Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, IT Roadmap / IT Strategy. For more details or an informal chat please contact your Charlton Networks account manager or contact us or try and free Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery review.

IT Risk
Company Data


Where exactly is your company data being held? As the use of cloud and hybrid computing increases, you may not be so certain anymore! This service provides the answers to these questions such as these and can be applied generally across the business or geared toward specific data standards such as GDPR, Cyber-Essentials, PCI/DSS and IT Governance.

We provide a comprehensive report covering the areas of concern and the process is suitable for any business. We work with business owners, senior managers and other owners of company data via three phases (Discovery, Review, Report). For more details or an informal chat please contact your Charlton Networks account manager For further details contact us.


Getting the most from your IT systems is the key to improving and maximising business productivity. This service focuses on issues such as manual data handling, multiple data entry that are often caused by disparate systems that don’t talk to each other. Other key factors include the speed of system or capacity for current or future growth.  This service helps understand such issues and create ideas on improvement.

You might be interested in our Company Updates, where we post regular updates on new products & features aimed at improving your productivity. Alternatively, take a look at our Blog where we have a number of guides to help you consider key IT business issues and how business performance can be improved. Or for more details or an informal chat please contact our team here.

IT Productivity
Return on Investment


Technology is constantly changing, and organisations need to be able to strike a balance between getting the most from their IT investments and making sure that it is still fit-for-purpose. Charlton Networks has considerable experience in extending the lifespan of existing networks by the incremental improvement of IT systems, such as upgrading software and network components and thereby extending the life of your IT systems.

Our consultants also help you to understand this ROI and directly compae this to any future IT investment. Any new IT investment is also considered in the light of the IT Roadmap and the company’s strategic plans. A consultancy based, approach start with a Free initial consultation, delivered as a one-off exercise or as part of our ‘flexi-contract’ retainer-based services, always tailored to your specific needs. Contact us for further details.


We take-on a range of flexible interim, short-term or outsourced assignments, with experienced resources / consultants at times when your business most needs them.

Typical assignments cover long-term sickness or other incidents leading to the loss of key IT staff and are typically provided on part-time or short-term basis. Our capabilities include;

  • IT Director - Board level interim resource
  • IT Manager - IT management resource
  • IT Project Manager - Project management focused around IT
  • IT Consultant - Networks, infrastructure or software - Implementation or Support

For more details or an informal chat please contact us.

Board Level Resources


Mentoring for IT Staff provides a bespoke service that equips in-house IT staff with some of the wider strategic thinking and business focus needed to align IT delivery with the needs of the business.

This service is delivered via one-to-one mentoring sessions and linked directly to agreed objectives and performance targets. The training and mentoring service will be targeted and focused on the individual IT manager, engineer or technician. This service is suitable for any small or medium sized business. For more details or an informal chat please contact your Charlton Networks account manager.

For more details or an informal chat please contact us.