About Cyber Essentials Certifications

Cyber Essentials is an effective scheme backed by the Government. It’s designed to protect businesses of any size, safeguard against the most common cyber attacks. In fact, the cyber security certification aims to reduce an organisation’ risk of attack by around 80%. Cyber Essentials is widely recognised as the benchmark of cyber security health. With the certification businesses can easily demonstrate that they have taken the necessary step to safeguard sensitive data. This is why it’s becoming a must-have requirement for most businesses and supply chains. 

 Cyber Essentials provides you with a great opportunity to not only protect your business, but also attract and retain new customers and government contracts. Find out how we help businesses to achieve and implement cyber essentials certifications.

Two Levels of Cyber Essentials Certification

Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is a self-assessment option. It enables you to protect your business against some of the most common attacks. Although this protection is only against basic level attacks this is important because it prevents unwanted attention from cyber criminals who are capable of more in-depth attacks.

Certification means your protected from the most frequent, common cyber attacks and demonstrates that you have cyber security in place.

Cyber Essentials Plus

The protections you need to put in place for Cyber Essentials Plus are the same as Cyber Essentials. The only difference is that Cyber Essentials Plus is verified by a technical expert.  

Because of the additional verification, Cyber Essentials Plus helps to improve your business credentials and provides peace of mind for both you are your customers.

How Cyber Essentials Protects

The Cyber Essentials program sets out 5 key technical controls to help businesses with cyber protection. When implemented these controls are known to protect businesses from some of the most common but damaging attacks. Businesses can reduce their risk of attack by around 80%.


Ensures that only safe and necessary network services can be accessed from the Internet. Every device belong to the business must be protected by a correctly configured firewall.

Access Control

Ensures user accounts are assigned to authorised individuals only. Access is also limited to only the applications, computers and networks required for the user to perform their role.

Malware Protection

Restricts the execution of known malware and untrusted software, preventing harmful code that could cause damage. Also blocks access to sensitive data.

Secure Network Configuration

By ensuring that computers and network devices are properly configured this reduces the level of inherent vulnerabilities and provides only the services required to fulfil role.

Updating & Patching Software

Ensures that devices and software are not vulnerable to known security issues for which fixes available.

Does your business need a Cyber Essentials certificate?

Not having a Cyber Essentials certificate can be a deal breaker for some businesses. It’s actually mandatory for businesses looking to win government contracts.  

We’d also recommend getting  Cyber Essentials and PLUS certified if:

  • Your business runs and operates an IT infrastructure
  • Your business collects, stores and uses customer or employee information on an online or computerised system
  • You generally want to establish security protection for your business for cyber vulnerabilities and avoid the impacts of serious cyber attacks.

How we can help.

Achieving your Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essential PLUS certification can be a daunting process. But our experienced cyber security experts can support you through the process for an quick and successful turn around. 

 You can request help with certification or we can build it into a flexible IT support package or offer it as part of your managed Cyber Security service

Expert Help

Our Cyber Security engineers will help you prepare and implement the necessary requirements for passing the certifications.

Penetration Testing

Through advanced penetration testing and other cyber security checks we can quickly identify your network's vulnerabilities.

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As experienced consultants we offer Cyber Security solutions that help you detect, deter and defend your organisation against threats.

Penetration Testing

Through advanced penetration testing and other cyber security checks we can quickly identify your network's vulnerabilities.

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