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IT consulting for small businesses is an essential service. Especially if you’re looking to improve efficiency and grow.  We act as dedicated IT consultants to help you understand where improvement to your IT systems can be made.  

Whether you’re looking for new IT solutions, need to upgrade your software, or require a complete redesign of your IT infrastructure, our expert team of consultants are here to help.

IT Consulting Services at a Glance

Whether you’re looking to expand, upgrade, or simply want to check that your existing IT solutions are optimised, our IT Consultancy service is designed to ultimately enhance businesses in Tewkesbury and across the UK. We work with clients to guide, support, and find the right IT solutions that will help you meet your business objectives. Think of us as your dedicated consultant for all your IT needs.

Comprehensive IT Audits

Understanding your current Information Technology systems is the starting point for any development, improvement or on going IT support. Our IT Audit service delivers this understanding in clear non-technical language. By auditing IT systems and networks, we enable you to fully understand your entire IT set up and move things forward. Take a look at our guide on What is An IT Audit? or request a free audit below.

IT Auditing for custom IT support

IT Design & Technology Consulting

We work with you to review your business strategy and key business processes. We help you understand how IT syetms & software can improvde your business. This identifies the business issues, challenges & opportunities for improvement.

When IT systems support business objectives and processes, the business is more likely to achieve its overall vision and goals. This process goes beyond IT as a service and seeks to understand your business strategy, aims and objectives and then make sure your IT systems support these.

Redesigning IT systems then produces solutions that resolve strategic business issues and challenges. This includes designing bespoke business applications, using off-the-shelf IT systems or cloud-based solutions that meet your business needs.

We offer a free initial consultation to give you a taste or you might be interested to read our ‘IT Planning & Strategy Guide‘.

IT or Technology Roadmap

An IT Roadmap is your strategic plan. It keeps everyone on the right path and ensures that everyone is pulling in the right direction.

The main purpose of an IT roadmap is to bring a plan to life. It provides a clear picture of how your business Information Technology will evolve and take advantage of emerging technologies to support the business and its core products. Every client of Charlton Networks gets the opportunity to develop their IT Roadmap and its included in our IT Support Services

When developing roadmaps we ensure that IT goals are aligned with company goals. This ensures that your technology road will ultimately deliver value to the business. 

IT Roadmap
IT Risk

Data and IT Risk

Where is your company data stored? Who has access to this data & how secure is this data? Understand your company data & information usage.

Does IT present a risk in your business? What might happen in your specific situation if disaster, cyber-attach or a complete IT failure occur? We consult across a number of cyber security services


IT Productivity focuses on how you use your IT systems. Ranging from business process reviews, linking systems and removing manual human processes. Our work often involves extending the life of your current system, by making better use of the systems you already have.

We also help your users improve their adoption of IT, from their processes, training and adoption of key technologies. We cover all bases to help improve your business output and reduce wasted time and costs. 

Try our FREE business process review to get started.

IT Productivity

IT Director

We provide you with specialist IT staff on a short-term basis. Suitable for a wide range of assignments & special projects. From consultancy, part-time, short-term or full-time periods. Suitable for any business looking for short-term IT assistance.

Most popular are IT Consultants and IT Director roles, operating at senior levels in your business, when needed most. Our capabilities include;

How IT Consultancy Can Help Your Business

Improve Your Investment in IT

Most companies only realise a fraction of the features & benefits from their current IT systems. Improve efficiency, productivity and return-on-investment.

Avoid The Risk

Under who, what and where your data is located. Identify risk scenarios, develop your plans to avoid the worst and let us help you build a more resilient business.

Help Staff Achieve More

We work with your users to identify the holes, the gaps and the excessive manual processes in your business. From automation, through to on-line and home working solutions.

Get An Independent Review

Test the views of your current provider or in-house IT team. Get an independent view with the help of your with many years of Business IT experience.

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