Solving Your IT Problems

One place to solve your IT problems

Charlton Networks provide one place where your business can solve all IT problems. We do this by helping you improve your IT systems and looking at IT reliability, IT recovery and the IT service your business users need. Once your IT system is stable, we focus upon efficiency, productivity and usage of your IT systems and IT services. Our comprehensive service covers IT consultancy, IT infrastructure, telecoms, IT cloud & other IT services – All in one-place, one-call away and with one-monthly bill.

How We Do This?

Our Flexible IT Support provides many options for IT support, from a fully managed IT service, backup assistance, monitoring or remote management. We have a solution for every business.

Our IT services are all business focused and can be purchased as a one-off project or added to our flexible IT support services. Our skilled IT team hold Microsoft, Sophos and Altaro Gold accreditations, our customer portals help customers find what they need and we’ve been in business for over 20-years. 

Just want to deal with one supplier (cyber security)

Worried how long you'd be down if IT fails?

Planning, designing, implementing and testing your ability to recover your IT systems is at the heart of our IT service. Our regular client reviews, our on-going IT Roadmap and our regular testing of your backup & recovery all ensure keeping you safe. We make sure you know what to expect when IT failure happens, keeping you updated every step of they way.

He's great but he's just a one-man band!

Where things don’t work together we link your existing systems or built ‘from-the-ground-up’ our custom software solutions that control and manage business processes and report on your business in real-time. Taking your key business data from your disparate IT systems and creating an over-arching management system, that is flexible and customisable.

Bit of help when we get stuck (flexible)

We just need a bit of help when we get stuck!

Where you have your own team and need an extra pair of hands when things get tight we provide flexible IT support services based around an ‘a la carte’ menu of services that can be drawn-down as required, covering all aspects of IT operation, management and development. Everything is ‘optional’, allowing clients to specify exactly which IT resources / services they need and our flexible draw-down lets them access these services when they need them.

Could we recover if our systems failed?

If you are worried about how long you would be down if your systems failed or went up in smoke then our IT Risk service provides assessment, management and planning services around system resilience, IT recovery, scalability, backup, operational risk and cyber-security.