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A Bespoke Web App for Teal Turf

About Teal Turf

Teal Turf are a family business and have been growing and cultivating turf for more than 20 years. With over 1.5 million square meters of turn in production, Teal Turf are recognised as one of the market leaders. 

They grow, harvest and supply both premium and landscape turf which can be collected or delivered to both individual consumers and businesses, nationwide.

Business Process

Prior to working with Charlton Networks, Teal Turf were managing orders by printing emails. 

When an order was received the team would record orders on paper which would then be physically handed to someone in the field. The system was fragmented, un-trackable, couldn’t be updated in real-time and orders were heavily reliant on administrative personnel. 


The Solution

After auditing the business and its processes, we set about designing a solution that would help manage the workforce, process orders (both in the field and deliveries), and record when orders had been collected by customers. These are the key features of our solution.

Cloud-Based Solution

Allows the entire team; cultivators, administrations and delivery drivers to access the app and update order statuses in real-time.

Schedule Creation & Automation

Once orders are approved they are automatically added to staff schedules in the field, who know what and how much turf to cultivate.

Schedule Creation & Automation

Orders are updated and processed through drag and drop features, making the system really easy to use.

Orders Dashboard

The App we built is managed through a user-friendly, modern dashboard. Built as a cloud-based solution it can be accessed anywhere, from any device. 

From the dashboard, staff and mangers can quickly access open orders, the order schedule for ‘today’, orders awaiting payment and all closed orders. 

Teal Turf Dashboard of the Bespoke business Application built by Charlton Networks

Different Schedule Views

When an order is received and confirmed, the system alerts the team in the field, giving them instant updates. Once cultivated it can be passed to the delivery drivers or the store ready for collection by the customer. 

Schedules can be viewed by either delivery drivers or managers who can view and access more aspects of the business. 

For example, the ‘user view’ in this case is just for staff managing collections. All of the orders being collected on the day are listed here and can be marked as ‘collected’ once the customer has collected their order. 


Business Management

Our solution uses an intelligent API to connect to external platforms like Big Change – an external tracking software – , as well as their own website. This means that when use the ‘settings’ to update their farms, order items and vat types, the changes will be reflected on their website, again minimising the amount of admin work.

Turf harvesting at Teal Turf

Client Feedback

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Key Achievements

Teal Turf has really benefited from having a custom web application built around around their business and processes. 

Waste Reduction

Before the implementation of our solution, Teal Turf were relying on printing orders. They used to spend £100s on ordering paper which would then end up as waste. Now, they are virtually paperless when it comes to processing orders.

Creation Business Asset

Since our solution has been built specifically for Teal Turf, they now have a vital business asset that belongs to the business, making the business ultimately more investable and commercially sound.

Reduced Admin by 90%

The administrative duties associated with processing orders, creating schedules and managing the team has been reduced by around 90%. All of this is now managed on the platform that is accessible by the whole team.

Business Investment

When a business performs well, we know that owners and staff feel more motivated and invested in the business. They have achieved a happier, more organised and more fulfilled workforce.

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