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Established in 2007, MT Training provide specialist driving training across the UK. They are now one of the UK’s largest providers of commercial driver training for LGV, HGV and trailers. 

As well as providing vital IT support to their head office in Tewkesbury, we connect and support all of their training centres across the country.

Over the years, Charlton Networks have provided on-going managed IT support. Additionally, we’ve developed a bespoke business application to really drive efficiency and commercial success.  

Key Outcomes:

Development of Bespoke Business Application For MT Training

Initially MT Training were managing bookings manually. They were also recording and processing data manually, such as recording all examinations, managing paper diaries, sending emails & scanning paperwork to run their business. Here is how we developed a bespoke business solution for MT Training.

1. Comprehensive Audit

We began by conducting a full audit of the business and its administrative processes. We also auditing their existing IT to uncover roadblocks within their business. This gave us a good indication of the type of solution they needed.

2. Initial Scope

By mapping processes and examining workflows we were able to produce a design that automated processes, generate a clear workflow to enable the business to grow and scale.

3. Project Presentation

After initial audits and scoping we were able to present the first pilot of the solution. This was presented to MT Training and allowed them to feedback on design, features and functions. Time scales and budgets were approved at this stage.

4. App Development

The app we developed was developed in stages. This allowed us to demonstrate and test functionality so that the team could feed back and thoroughly test the solution.

5. Beta Roll Out

Full training was provided prior to the initial roll out. We input all historical data and supported staff on using the new solution. We use staff and customer feedback to develop the solution further.

6. Launch & Support

Over the years MT Training have used our solution to help them expand into new locations. We have been able to adapt and support the system so ensure they continue to drive efficiency and profitability.

The Bespoke Diary App

Multi Locations Diary Management

All of the 11 locations that MT Training operate at can be accessed within this powerful cloud-based app. Navigating to one of the locations will show what tests are taking place ‘today’ and on any future days, who is taking the test, what test is being taken and who the examiner is. 

It will also display headline updates like, who is currently on annual leave, whether a specific vehicle needs sourcing and which vehicles are unavailable. 

Bespoke web app dashboard for MT Training developed by Charlton Networks
Interactive diary view for MT Training developed by Charlton Network

Interactive Display

Once a location/test centre has been selected, staff can easily see what activities have been booked for the day. Diary Bookings can be moved by dragging and dropping, and staff can see which bookings have been invoiced. Colour codes make it really easy to see whether booking made are tests, training or staff that are on annual leave. 

Simple User Interface for Easy Editing

The simple user interface makes adding or editing existing bookings super easy. When a user clicks on an existing booking they can access the update window to edit details. From here the admin team can make changes to the course, the customer taking the course, reassign the course or test to a different instructor or cancel the booking. 

The app also contains a reporting section where staff can access details on financial projections, including how many booking has been taken and how much revue has been generated in any given time frame. 

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