Rowan Gymnastics Club
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Rowan Gymnastics Club

Roan Gymnastics is a client of Charlton Networks

About Rowan Gymnastics Club

Rowan Gymnastics  is a well established club in Cheltenham. With over 750 members they train gymnasts of all ages and abilities. 

They have an excellent range of quality, specialised gymnastics equipment and their dedicated team of coaches are qualified to various levels, through recognised British Gymnastics coaching qualifications.

With classes, clubs and competitions they are an active and busy gymnastics club. 

Business Challenges

As a busy gymnastics club, Rowan Gymnastics were finding it difficult to keep up with the admin. They had a dedicated person on their administrative team managing their finances and reconciliating all the payments from cheques, cards and cash. 

They were using spreadsheet to manage everything from attendance, to record injuries, keep track of expiring staff DBS checks and qualifications for instructors.  

Key Outcomes

Complete Business Management Solution for Rowan Gymnastics Club by Charlton Networks

Gymnstics Club Management System

Prior to the development of their system, Rowan Gymnastics were recording everything onto spreadsheets. All of their members, staff, admin and finances were manged through spreadsheets meaning they couldn’t be updated in real time, and lacked security.  

Overview of Features

Complete Intranet System

As a complete business system, Rowan Gymnastics can store, manage and update records quickly and efficiently. They manage all of their members, gymnasts badges, staff records, staff qualifications and DBS checks, absences, and finances through the one system.

Highly Secure

As a Gymnastics club they are required to hold highly sensitive information about each of their members. Theis includes contact details of minors as well as personal and medical information. Built behind a firewall and heavily encrypted we built a system that is highly secure. Even if security was breached anonymisation ensures that information cannot be used.

Invoice Reconciliation

Reconciling invoices was one the major headaches for Rowan Gymnastics. Because they accept various payment methods, updating their previous system was hard, manual and time consuming. The solution we built is able to records payments made and updates accounts in real-time.

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