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About The Silk Bureau

The Silk Bureau are digital textile printing specialists. With over 30 years of experience they have a thorough knowledge of the industry and their expertise are unrivalled. 

Catering for independent designers, artists and elite designers, they specialise in printing designs onto silk and other fabrics.  

They embrace new digital technology to provide cutting-edge techniques in textile printing, to constantly achieve outstanding results. That’s why they are the UK’s leading textile printing company for individual designers, textile design studios and international retailers. 

Business Challenges

The Silk Bureau were spending thousands of pounds per month on printing orders onto paper. They approached Charlton Networks to find out if we could help to reduce the costs. An initial review of the business uncovered a heavy manual and administrative processes, consisting of extensive paperwork, manual recording and processing of information. The business was struggling to cope with an increasing workload which was inhibiting their ability to scale.  

Key Outcomes

The Solution

Prior to working with Charlton Networks, The Silk Bureau were manually processing and fulfilling orders. 

Orders were processed through manual administration meaning that errors could easily be made.  The system was fragmented, un-trackable, couldn’t be updated in real-time.

After auditing the business and its processes, we set about designing a solution that would track and manage the processing of orders across every department within the business. These are the key features of our solution.

Bespoke Intranet System

A complete business solution to manage the flow of work through the different departments within the business. It includes easy to use, drag and drop features, wall boards and order statuses to mange work across the all business processes.

Order Workflow Creation

A comprehensive workflow solution, managing every aspect of the business process from quotation, approval, order, manufacture and dispatch. The system even send order notifications directly to customers to keep them updated.

Complete Transparency, Total Control

Orders, order status, revenue, and stock are all easily manged with the platform. The team can see what orders are where, and are able to generate custom reports and any time.

Orders Dashboard

The platform we built cleverly tracks and monitors orders. through a user-friendly, modern dashboard. With drag and drop features, the team are able to process and order and then pass it onto to the next department for processing.  

From the dashboard, staff and mangers can quickly access open orders to check orders awaiting payment and all closed orders. 

Quote Processing

The system allows the team to generate, respond to and monitor quotes. Once a quote has been received, a quote can calculated and raised. This is then sent to the customer directly from the platform which is then marked as ‘sent’. 

The acceptance of the quote can also be tracked on the system. Accepted and rejected quotes can also be found in the reports section so that the finance can see projected revenue if required. 

Business Management

This platform communicates directly with their website. This means that amends to products or new products can be added to the system which will then appear on the website, eliminating the need to update to systems.  

IT Support and Consultancy

We continue to provide support to The Silk Bureau and regularly consult on IT infrastructure to support business development and growth. We provide hardware and software and essential managed Cyber Security to ensure their networks, staff and customers are always safe and secure.

Client Feedback

Key Achievements

As IT Consultants for The Silk Bureau, we’ve been working with the organisation for many years.

With a thorough understanding of their business objectives we have been able to build robust roadmaps to ensure the business invests in technology to help them reach and exceed their goals. 

We continue to work with The silk Bureau providing IT support and It Consultancy. We proactively ensure that their IT strategy is aligned with their business objectives. We provide proactive advice to ensure IT is future-proof and always assist them to remain efficient. 

Waste Reduction

Before the implementation of our solution, The Silk Bureau were relying on printing orders. They used to spend £100s on ordering paper which would then end up as waste. Now, they are virtually paperless when it comes to processing orders.

Creation Business Asset

Since our solution has been built specifically for The Silk Bureau, they now have a vital business asset that belongs to the business, making the business ultimately more investable and commercially sound.


We continue to safeguard data integrity. We provide round the clock monitoring of systems and regularly manage backups to support their growing needs for data security and storage.

Reduced Admin by 90%

The administrative duties associated with processing orders, creating schedules and managing the team has been reduced by around 90%. All of this is now managed on the platform that is accessible by the whole team.

Roadmap to Future-proof

With us as IT Partners, The Silk Bureau can be assured that their technology will always evolve and remain future proof. As the business grows, we'll always ensure that their technology strategy is aligned to future goals and objectives.

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