Advanced cyber security managed services that proactively protect your business against threats, crime and vulnerabilities.
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Cyber Security Managed Services

Cyber crime is on the rise. If your organisation relies on IT systems and internet connectivity to do business, you need to make sure you’re protected. Without protection you run the risk of loosing of data or entire system failure. Cyber security managed services remove the hard works and strain on IT departments. 

At Charlton Networks we use advanced technology and expert knowledge to provide fully managed cyber security. From monitoring and scanning and Cyber Essentials Certification to back up and recovery, our intelligent services keep your business safe.  Talk to us today to find out how we can help you detect, deter and defend your systems against security risks and attacks.  

How we manage your cyber security

We work with businesses big and small, to protect your data and IT systems. We do this through constant, real-time monitoring and scanning to detect potential threats. We also manage back up and recovery in the event of an attack to significantly reduce downtime. Basically, our advanced technology and expertise will always keep you up and running. 

Vulnerability Management

Networks are constantly changing. Every time you use new software, employees, or devices in your business, you're unknowingly introducing potential cyber-security vulnerabilities or ‘holes’ in your network security that others could exploit.

We solve these issues by managing your networks, monitoring alerts and regularly testing for vulnerabilities. We offer these services across your networks, user devices, servers, cloud applications and websites. This approach ensures that known threats are identified and fixed, through software updates / patching or by reconfiguring your systems to become more secure.

Back Up & Recovery

Backup services and solutions provide the ultimate protection against cyber-attacks. We use advanced back up and recovery technology to provide unrivalled recovery options. However, with our fully managed service we remove the headache of setting up, managing and monitoring your data backups by doing it for you.

As part of our Cyber Security Managed Services we can assist you and business with establishing a Disaster Recovery plan. We'll also ensure they are regularly tested to give you the peace of mind that you can recover in the event of a cyber attack.

Cyber Essentials

We help your business gain the Cyber-Essentials and Cyber-Essentials Plus schemes, which are specifically designed to help small and medium business establish key cyber-security controls.

Cyber-Essentials includes five key controls for keeping your business data and information secure. Cyber-Essentials Plus goes further by testing your internal devices, simulating cyber-attack to ensure your business is taking the essential steps to stay secure. This includes the daily operations, maintaining the security controls & undertaking the on-going support needed to keep your business protected.

What is Managed Cyber Security and Why Do You Need It?

Many businesses have their own internal IT departments that are responsible for looking after their cyber security. However, with cyber crime on the rise, attacks and threats are becoming more sophisticated and harder to detect. Plus without a comprehensive recovery plan in place recovering from an attack could drain your business of valuable time and resources. 

In the UK alone, losses to fraud and cybercrime totalled over £3 billion in 2021-2022 and is estimated to rise each year. Although managing cyber security is essential it’s simply not feasible for all IT departments. At Charlton Networks we offer Cyber Security Managed Services. We act as your dedicated IT Consultants taking full responsibility of your cyber security and alleviating the strain on IT departments. 

Our fully managed cyber security service combines is made up of layers of protection across all devices, programs and IT systems. It combines technical expertise, processes, practices and advanced technology to monitor and prevent cyber attacks. And because our service also includes backup and recovery, and disaster planning we proactively protect businesses from prolonged periods of downtime.  

Benefits of Cyber Security Managed Services

Why Work With Us

At Charlton Networks we believe in the transformative power of our technology. As your cyber security services provider we can ensure that your business will achieve more through better detection, protection and prevention of cyber attacks. 


Flexible cyber security services and solutions

On-demand, monthly, or annual contracts to suit you

Round the clock cyber security support

Multi-device support. Protection anywhere

Solutions against scams and phishing emails

Gold Partnership with leading security providers

Prevention and protection again ransomware

Virtual high level and user level guidance

Cyber Security Technology

Sophos is an industry leading cyber security solution for businesses. It provides advanced protection and threat detection across emails, devices and servers. 24 hours a day! Everything is monitored through a single, easy-to-use dashboard.

We have been working in partnership with Sophos for over 20 years! Today we are recognised as gold partners, meaning we have attained the highest levels of accreditation. That’s why we’re trusted to supply, install and support all of Sophos’ products and related services. 

Charlton Networks are fully accredited Sophos gold partners
Cyber Security service managed threat response report

Our Cyber Security Services

How to Protect Your Business Against Cyber Attacks

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Whether you are the business owner or a day-to-day user of IT systems take a look at our ultimate guide on how to protect your business against cyber attacks.

Online Guides to Cyber Security

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