Flexible IT Support


We provide an unlimited remote support package, that covers all your users, IT equipment and systems. This service contract is provided from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday by our own in-house team of highly qualified IT engineers. All systems are proactively monitored, managed and updated. We ensure help is always at the end of the phone when IT issues or IT problems arise. In the event of a critical or complex IT issue, our team can also draw upon the expertise of experts at Microsoft, Sophos, Altaro and other key partners.

  • All systems are continually monitoed and updated
  • Users can make unlimited calls to our in-house IT support team
  • Daily monitoring of backup, cyber-security and other key functions
  • Backup support from Microsoft, Sophos, Altaro & other key partners

The benefits of this service includes enabling you to get on with your core business, always knowing help is just a phone call away and that your systems are continually monitored and updated. Remote IT support gives your business  ‘peace-of-mind’. Contact us for more details.

Remote IT Support IT support for businesses, companies and organsations across our region

Flexible IT support for businesses, companies and organsations across our region


Our ‘flexi-contract’ provides a flexible IT support service for businesses and companies across our region. We build this flexibility by offering a menu of IT support services that can be selected as required. These cover all aspects of IT operation, IT management and IT development. Everything in the ‘flexi-contract’ is optional and allows business clients to build and specify the exact IT support service they need.

For example, unlimited remote IT support can be combined with a regular on-site visit and time for website suppport & development. Not only does this provide great flexibility, but paying for these services and resources over the course of your contract provides helps business cashflow too.

  • Any aspect of IT support, IT management and IT development can be built-in to your IT support contract
  • Specify and only pay for the exact business IT support services you need
  • Flexible IT support can include IT consultancy, IT projects, hardware or software support or development


Our Managed IT Service provides a complete end-to-end IT service. Coverings everything from user & device IT management & IT support, through to IT backup, cyber-security and connectivity. This complete IT support solution provides a business / company or organisation to purchase, operate and manage their IT system.

  • Management of all IT Hardware & IT Software
  • Management of all IT services & IT applications
  • Management of all lines, Internet connects & telephone systems
  • Includes on-premise and cloud infrastructure & services

Easy monthly billing and an on-line billing portal allows customers to view & change their services on a month-by-month basis as users and business needs change. Contact us for further details.

Managed It Support Services for businesses, companies and organsations across our region
IT Auditing for businesses, companies and organsations across our region


Understanding your current IT systems is the starting point for support, management or development. Our IT Audit service delivers this understanding in clear non-technical language. We audit IT systems and networks, generating inventories of hardware and software and their connectivity & set-up. This enables you to fully understand your IT system.

  • Discover and document your IT assets
  • Understand your IT network connectivity
  • Generate an inventory of your IT Hardware & IT software
  • Analyse your company data and who access this data
  • Understand your IT capacity & develop IT planning


Our IT Roadmap is a part of all our IT support services and is delivered via the on-going account management of our customers. The IT Roadmap is the on-going plan for your IT system and if you’d like more details these are listed under Board Level Resources.