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IT Support & Managed Services Guide

IT Support & Managed Services Guide Introduction You may be considering your current IT Support set-up or wondering what IT Managed Services are? This guide is aimed to help owners & managers who are responsible for these IT functions in their business understand these services. People who need to know the options, understand best practices […]

Cyber-Security Guide

Introduction Today’s business user faces an increasing number of cyber threats that include email, on-line websites, web portals and other Internet based threats. This guide gives an overview of best practices and describes the most common threats and potential solutions for business users. Whether you are the business owner or just a user of an […]

IT Business Recovery Guide

Introduction According to searches on the TechTarget platform, there are 10 different tags associated with Business Continuity, the process of recovering your business, continuing operations and protecting your critical data & applications. Listed search terms encompass the phrases IT Backup, IT Recovery, Availability, Data Surety, Continuous Data Protection, Snapshotting, Secure Rollback, Uptime, Disaster Recovery and […]